US Privacy Laws Workplace Investigations Notifications

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Click on the above link for a condensed view of my deep research and expertise in US based data privacy laws as same applies to the workplace, investigations and notifications covering the following areas:

Information security and data breach notification laws continued
How to notify
Connecticut requirements
New York and North Carolina have specific online forms for reporting
The CRA’s designated email addresses for breach notification reports
Exceptions the notification
Penalties and right of action
State Data destruction laws
North Carolina
Arizona applies only to paper records
Alaska authorizes private action
California requires records unreadable or undecipherable to any means
Illinois and Utah apply only to government entities
New York applies only to for-profit businesses
Privacy issues investigations and litigation
Disclosures required permitted or forbidden by law
Civil litigation
Privacy issues in law enforcement investigations and constitutional effects under the fourth amendment
Federal law pertaining to
National security investigations

Workplace privacy
The US does not have a overarching or organize law for employment privacy
Constitutional law
State contract tort and statutory law
Federal laws dealing with employment privacy
Workplace privacy


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