Cyber Attack Compliance

CyberAttack Compliance Copyright Douglas Knehr 6096352226

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Topics covered:

Determine and evaluate the company’s entire security chain.

If even a single link is weak, the company could be vulnerable to attack.
create a written compliance plan to monitor the highest risks for a potential cyber attack., This should include:
Prepare Legally Required Disclosures
CCO must coordinate with the CIO and CPO on cyber attack issues
Implement an Enterprise-wide Data Management Program
Review Employee Policies
Invest in Computer Security and Protection Measures
Adopt a Cyber Incident Response Plan and Employee Reporting Mechanisms
Adopt Procedures to Preserve Evidence
Obtain Support of Senior Management
Maintain Relationships with Law Enforcement Agencies
Develop Cyber Incident Response Plans
Laws to enforce Civil and Criminal Remedies for Cyber Attacks
Other Actions to Deter or Mitigate Cyber Attacks
Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage