Communications and Network Security

4 Communications and Network Security Copyright Doug Knehr

Click on the above link for a condensed view (not all links opened) of my deep research and expertise in security engineering covering the following areas:

secure network architecture and design
IP networking

Directory services

domain name service (DNS)
light weight director he Access protocol LDAP
network basic input output system (net bios)
Network information service (NIS)
common Internet file system (CIF S)/server message block (SMB)
network file system(NFS)
simple Mail transfer protocol(SMTP) and enhanced simple Mail transfer protocol (E SMTP)
File transfer protocol
transfer modes
Anonymous FTP
Trivial file transfer protocol (TFT P
Hyper text transfer protocol (HTTP
HTTP proxy – anonymizing proxies
open proxy servers
content filtering
HTTP tunneling
implications of multi-layer protocols

Converged Protocols

defining IP convergence
Wireless Security Issues open system authentication
Cryptography used to maintain communications security

Securing Network Components
secure communication channels
Network attacks